PRELIMINARY Meeting in Tallinn the frames of Structured Dialogue (KA3), Erasmus+, on the topic “No Hate Speech”
On the 23rd of February till 27th od February in Tallinn was taking place “PRELIMINARY Meeting” in the frames of Structured Dialogue on the topic “No Hate Speech”. In meeting 6 countries participated: Germany, Poland, Georgia, Greece, Turkey and Estonia. The project took place in Dzingel hotel. Hosting organization was NGO Youth Club Active.

Project “No Hate Speech” is a big movement in which takes a part whole Europe. “Hate speech” is a part of our everyday life. The hate speech is not only in our lives but also in lives of people around us. We tried to figure out why the hate speech exists. Every member of our project tried to do something that can help to decrease “Hate speech”
Proposals for this project came from Paul- one of the leaders from Germany ESW youth club – he is the main man who explained everyone the goals of our project, gave advices.
In Estonia, Tallinn already the second meeting of this project was taking place. Members were living all together for 4 days in Hotel nearby Tallinn. The first evening and every morning we had energizers and short and funny games to get to know each other.
24.02 –second day of the project- in 1918 Estonia became Independent on this day. In 2017 this event had 99th anniversary. As usual on the Freedom square a parade took place. Our guests were very pleased to see that.
25.02 – third day – was the day for an open event Human Library. There was 27 “books”- people who were ready to share with us stories about their live. Also to this event came many guests who were interested and wanted to read books. Each of us had opportunity to choose 3 books and “read” them.
26.02 – All members had visited Museum of Occupations. We heard facts about war, people’s lives and saw a lot of old historical things. Also we had an opportunity to talk with 3 politicians. We could ask questions on any topics which we were interested in. At the end of the day lovely Estonian dinner was waiting for us.
The main aim of project was The Movie about minorities, refugees and violence. During the project we had talked a lot about what we made and what we have to do. Each group showed their films teasers and talked little bit about idea of the film. Jacob and Achim – two Germans – helped us with this task.
We had unforgettable evenings together. We tried national food, danced folk and disco dances, played games and learned some words from the other languages.
We made a lot of new friends and got positive emotions. The last meeting will be on May 26- 29 in Hagen, Germany. There will be the movie festival where we will show our films.
We are all waiting for this moment.

Picture from the meeting on the Active Club Facebook page

Our movie: