Day One: intensely productive. (29/09/2018)

The long fees and expectations of the first day led to a successful start, albeit with a slight delay in time. Representatives from more than 25 different NGOs, full of strength and desire for interaction, were on the spot.

Jevgenia Rõbakova gave a short introductory speech, which gave an overview on the happening, presented the team and opened up the opportunity to move further in the direction of cooperation.

The trainers of the project Toomas Roolaid and Žilvinas Gailius had an acquaintance game using the cards for the game “More than one story”. The work was done in mini groups, in two rounds. A lot of discoveries and pleasant emotions, a great start.

After tea / coffee break, the process of acquaintance was continued, but with organizations.

After lunch, the second half of the day continued as a team game. Participants were given a team call. They were divided into 4 teams. Each team had to come up with a strategy for passing through the rope. However, it was necessary to take into account certain conditions, namely to do it as quickly as possible, beautifully, safely, and the whole team. After testing and viewing, participants were asked to think about the recipes for effective cooperation, based on their experience.

After the tea / coffee break, the VNUformat participants met with the “X and Y” task.

Emotional and interesting experience was received by all participants.

CONCLUSION: elements that prevented not to dock and not to agree:

– time (frame)

– conditions (only everyone must agree to negotiate)

– the rules were not clear to the end (no specifics from beginning to end)

– the team has no contact, they do not see each other

Day two – we learn information and increase awareness. (29/09/2018)

The morning began with a summary of the evening game “X and Y” based on the “Experience – Analysis – Conclusion – Application” training cycle.

Also in the first half of the day we tested the Open Space method – there were two rounds and there were many different topics for discussion in both rounds, such as working with children and young people, working with drug addicts, working with adoptive and social families, methods of conducting bilingual activities. how to instill in the child a love of reading, public debate.

The second half of the day was devoted to the issue of delegation of public services to the third sector by local government. To moderate this session, we brought in a civil society expert Katerina Danilova. And in order to find out how the delegation system works with a concrete example and what opportunities for the development of cooperation between non-profit organizations and local self-government are currently available, we invited the chairman of the Tallinn City Assembly, Mikhail Kylvart.

The meeting with the guest was divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Mikhail introduced the participants to the possibilities of cooperation between NGOs and local governments that already exist in the city of Tallinn. At this stage

The first discovery questions from the NGO representatives were also asked.

Stage 2: the participants broke up into groups, where they were given the following topics for discussion: a) what are the current difficulties from the point of view of NGOs on cooperation and delegation of public services; b) what are the advantages of a working system (i.e. what is already being done well); c) what can make NGOs to improve cooperation with local governments; d) what city authorities can do to improve cooperation with the third sector.

Stage 3: The results of the work in groups were presented to the participants and commented by Michael Kylvarta.

Day three – we cooperate and begin to cooperate (30/09/2018)

The morning began with a review of yesterday’s meeting with Mikhail Kylvart. The discussion was very hot and active!

After such a heated discussion, everyone needed a cup of coffee.

Taking a deep breath and exhale, and between this drinking a cup of coffee, we were able to start cooperation.

We first discussed with our colleagues from the organization what we want from cooperation and what it can give to us. Having shared our thoughts, we started cooperation, negotiations and the search for new partners.

Someone discussed the prospects for long-term cooperation, someone discussed the possibility of any one-time action, and someone just felt the ground.

After an active way of thinking, talking and moving around the room, we were waited as always by a delicious and hearty lunch.

According to Archimedes’ law, after a hearty lunch, it is urgent to take stock of the three days of our VNEFORMAT.

There were no boring forms, typical pizzas and scales. Sitting in a circle, everyone had the opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions about what is happening and the past.

Having said goodbye, having made a general photo, having received a wish for the future and having treated themselves to tea / coffee with tasty sandwiches and a bun, everyone went home, with positive emotions, new knowledge and hope for a new meeting soon.