As a youth organisation, we give young people the possibility to travel and meet people from various countries so that they gain knowledge and experience which they later share with us. Contact us if you would like to know how to be a part of it.

TC “Smart Youth Work Lab”

Our Estonian team was happy to take part on a fascinating project in Romania, Bucharest. We are participants of a volunteer organisation in Estonia «Youth club Active» : Renata, Polina, Julia, Anna and Kristian. And we would like to tell about this incredible experience.

TC “Rock the Gender”

Rock the Gender was a Learning Mobility Project that took place in Madrid City from 17/02/2020 to 23/02/2020 and was organized by the Euroactiva-T Association. There were 21 participants from Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, and Tunisia.

YE “Brand Yourself”

Youth exchange of Erasmus + took place on 23th - 29th of October, in Katowice, Poland. On the project our team of 4 people learned more about entrepreneurship, leadership, and even of marketing psychology.

YE “Erasmus + must go on”

The Youth exchange took place from 16th-25th of October in the beautiful city of Paralimni, Cyprus. The project’s main aim was to create a song and a video, which would promote Erasmus +, because we realised how nowadays still many people (us included) discovered the amazing opportunity of Erasmus + by accident

Youth Exchange “Gender Issues”

On the project, our Estonian team, which did not know each other very well before the project, became very close, and also became close with other participants. At the project, we learned various gender issues, about infringement of rights


In the middle of May Youth Club Active team took part in an international training course for youth workers “IMPACT” in Italy. The participating countries included Italy, Germany, Portugal, Estonia, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The participants from Estonia were Darja Korjukina and Fjodor Tsebakov.

TC “ESC first aid kit

Training course “ESC first aid kit" which took place in Iscar, Spain from 04.06-09.06.19 of June and gathered young people from different countries like countries: Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Greece, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Turkey.

Y.E “PeaceMakers ”

Y.E "PeaceMakers ” which took place  in Berlin, Germany  from 06.03.19- 14.03.19. The project gathered young people from different countries like Germany, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Italy, and Spain.

Y.E “Migration is our Right”

Y.E "Migration is our Right" which took place  in Berlin, Germany from 26 november  till 6 december. The project gathered young people from different countries like Germany, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Italy and Spain.

Intercultural Learning through Sports and Outdoor Activities

Our NGO took part in youth exchange on 9-18 October 2017, in Paralimni, Cyprus. The countries were represented on this project besides Estonia were Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece and of course Cyprus. The topic was about how sports and outdoors activities could help with social inclusion.

TC „Renew mode on“

From 15th of June till 21st of June on frames of Erasmus+ program in Zamore, Spain was taking place TC „Renew mode on“. In project were participating: Estonia, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Malta, Spain and France.

“First ADR Kit”

In April 2016 our "First ADR Kit" strategic partnership journey began. Different representatives of 5 partners - Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland and United Kingdom managed the first kick-off meeting of First ADR Kit strategic partnership. It was the first step of the long-term project that is going to last for 2 years, in which we will develop new tools of teaching mediation in youth projects.

YE “Youth Empowerment = EU future”

The youth exchange was devoted to the topics of identity and the society that live in. First of all on the project we met youngsters from different countries.

Y.E “Let Your Dream Come True”

The project “Let Your Dream Come True” gathered young people in Turkey from 5 countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Spain. Project was from 3th of August to 15th of August

Y.E “Ready steady activate”

Y.E “ Ready, steady activate” which took place  in Cartagena, Spain from 23 till 29 of November. The project gathered young people from different countries like Romania, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia and Spain.

TC “Youth work de­constructing violent extremism”

14.10­- 21.10 Coma Ruga, Spain. During these days very diverse international group reached Catalonia to take part in training course organised by the Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) cooperating with Trajectory@.


November, a sunny island and seven such different countries: Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Estonia. From 02.11.18-11.11.18 in Paralimni, Cyprus  was taking place YE "RECIPES".

“I will find you”

From the 22nd till 26 th of October in Lublin, Poland was taking place seminar with elements of a study visit "I will find you". There were 27 participants from countries like Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia

«Brexit – WTF – Uprising Nationalism in Europe. Does the EU finally become sexy?»

From 6th to 14th April the Estonian team was participating in a Youth Exchange project (in frames of Erasmus+) which was organized by the German organization East West East Network. Project took place in Berchum, Hagen, Germany. Project topic was «Brexit - What the Fuck - Uprising Nationalism in Europe. Does the EU finally become sexy?»

„STEP IN – Step into the dialogue – training on Alternative Dispute Resolutions“


The training course ‘DECODE – Decoding Conflicts Through Dialogue’ took place 26.11-06.12.2014 in Krakow, Poland and hosted 35 participants from 11 countries. Project was focused on teaching youth workers advanced techniques in multicultural communication and Alternative Dispute Resolutions.

TC “Laboratory of Games”

The project “ Laboratory of games “ took place in Cyprus. The main goal of the project was to learn non-formal learning skills. "learning by game." Throughout the project, we received a lot of useful information from trainers and special guests who shared their experiences with us.

TC “Forum of Changes”

During the introductory activities, I learned how important trust between people is to start working together, I realized that I sometimes take my citizen's rights for granted, which in the long run really influenced me.

TC “Visualize the invisible”

Visualize the invisible the training course started from beautiful words “Trust the process”. We were asked to be here and live now, to leave our daily life problems in our countries and enjoy “our bubble” in beautiful Woodstone

Youth Exchange “Bet for you”


Last week we took part in a youth Exchange in Íscar, Spain. The name of the project was “Bet for you” and it was mainly focusing on modern addictions such as social media addiction, gambling, video games and porn addiction. It was actually very eye-opening experience for me as in my life I somehow don’t face these addictions, but it turned out that this is actually a big-big problem in the world nowadays.

TC “Generation NEET”

The training course “Generation NEET” took place in Saulkrasti, Latvia on 8th  – 14th of July. The project brought together 6 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Romania and Germany. With help of various methods and in a deep intercultural input, we have explored the problem of NEET and sought possible solutions that could be applied in our countries an sending organizations.

TC “Give me a like”

Training course "Give me a like" which took place in Iscar, Spain from 17-22 of June gathered young people from different countries like Spain, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Greece, Estonia, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

Seminar “Quo Vadis Europea?”

Seminar "Quo Vadis Europea?” which took place  in Berlin, Germany  from 08.02.19- 15.02.19. The project gathered young people from different countries like Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland and Portugal

TC “A Deep Sense of Inclusion”. 

From 13th of July till 21st of July in Ireland was taking place YE "Stand your ground".

TC „I am part of it“

From 9th till 13th of Osctober our organisation was taking part in TC „I am part of it“  in Naron, Spain. In traning course was taking part 10 countries : Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Estonia.

TC “Dare to Act”

From 5th of May until 12th of May in Berchum, Germany was taking place TC „Dare to Act“. In project were participated Germany, Georgia, Romania, Greece, Belarus, Moldova, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia.

Training course “TRANSFORMERS: Migrants’ Transition to Participation”

11921701_736887913106360_2533659166040960365_nThis „Handbook of good practices” is the result of the “TRANSFORMERS: migrants’ transition to participation” training course for youth workers, organised by the Institute for Eastern Initiatives within the framework of Erasmus+ programme and financed by the European Commission.

YE “Power Up”

The training course “Power up” took place in 3 countries : Estonia( Vihasoo youth camp) 2.05-8.05, Armenia ( Stepanavan) 25.05-31.05 and Ireland( Waterford) 15.06-21.06 The project brought together 3 countries: Armenia, Estonia and Ireland. All of this 3 countries we have visited during this project.

TC “Water watcher”

On 1-15 of July we participated in Youth Exchange in Szarporca, Hungary. Main aim of Water Watcher youth exchange is sensitize the participants to the local and global water problems and give practical solutions how to use sustainable the water in the day-to-day life. Additionally, the project aims to bring life to tiny remote village which is economically and socially disadvantaged.

TC “Invisible Power: Unlock the Emotional Connection”

The project “Invisible Power: Unlock the Emotional Connection” was  taking place in Poland from 10 till 18 of November 2018. In project were participaiting such countries as Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Estonia, Romania, Turkey


Y.E “Finding yourself”

From 15.10 to 23.10 we were staying in a beautiful Rāmavas manor, participating in a great project, named “Finding yourself”.

TC “A Deep Sense of Inclusion”. 

From 15th of June till 22nd of June in Ireland was taking place TC "A Deep Sense of Inclusion".

Social Media: A Road To Development!

On July 26 - August 3 we took part in project dedicated to social networks and media located in Kayseri, Turkey. The objective was to develop effective communication skills to support our selves and our professional development.


KA3 project “Different angle”

Project was taking place in Narva (city near to Russia board), Estonia. 25th of February to 2nd of March. In project were participate youngsters from Tallinn and Narva. There were people with special needs and without. From Tallinn were participated   „Youth Club Active” and “Erilinemaailm”

TC “Gamification as a tool for learning engagement”

One week in the middle of the forest in Latvia, with people we didn't know...seems not as amazing as it was! Because we united there for a specific reason! To play games. And also to learn to play games...

YE “Migration Through Arts”

21.10-28.10 we participated in the project “Migration through arts”, which took place in Germany. 6 countries took part in it: Armenia, Estonia, Greece, Russian, Ukraine and Germany. On this project we explored the status of migration in the different countries, learned new terminology and discussed different questions on that topic.

TC “Outdoor Encyclopedia”

The project "Outdoor Encyclopedia" concerned the topic of experiential learning aka "learning by doing". The project consists of three parts - 1. Training course in Georgia, where we discussed the topics of informal learning and how it can be applied to hiking.

Youth Exchange “DEBATES for YOU-TH”

Unfortunately, the Debates for YOU-th project, where I took part, recently ended. The project was in the Netherlands, in the wonderful city of Nijmegen, which is located on the border with Germany. It was a wonderful 5 days of the project and 1 free day to go where we want.

Seminar “Quo vadis Europae”

Seminar "Quo vadis Europae" which took place in Berlin, Germany from 05.05-10.05.19 of June. The project gathered young people from different countries like Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland and Portugal

Seminar “Safety First!”

Seminar "Safety First!" which took place  in Welper, Germany  from 06.03.19- 14.03.19. The project gathered young people from different countries like Georgia, Estonia, Greece, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

TC “Empowering Youth workers For Supporting Diversity “

TC "Empowering Youth workers For Supporting Diversity " which took place  in Larnaca, Cyprus  from 18.01-28.01.2019. The project gathered young people from different countries like Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey

TRASHoholics – Youth Exchange in Spain

In the beginning of June Youth Club Active team took part in an international eco project “TRASHoholics”. The participating countries included Spain, Greece, Romania, Estonia and Croatia.

YE “How to get a job 101″

From 13th of June till 21st of June in Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia was taking place YE “How to get a job 101”. In this YE were participating Cyprus, Slovenia and Estonia 

Youth exchange project “Entrepreneurship LAB”

Youth exchange project "Entrepreneurship LAB"  gathered 37 young people (aged between 18-26) from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Portugal, February 11-18th , 2017.

YE Building Bridges project in Slovakia, Prenčov.

Throught this project all the participants from Estonia, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy and Slovakia got to experience permaculture lifestyle, which was taught to us using the Dragon Dreaming method lead by Art Kruh organization.


I was just lucky to take part in the learning mobility project “Plan B.Surprise factor”. From 5.06.2018 to 10.06.2018 18 people from different countries shared their experiences in working with youngsters.

TC “United through education”

TC “United through education” in Slovakia", which took place in Slovakia, Spain from 23 till 31 of . The project gathered young people from different countries like Slovakia, Spain, Malta, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, The Republic of North Macedonia, Poland

Y.E “Champions of Growing up III”

The project "Champions of Growing up" was already 3rd time taking place in Slovenia from 19th till 26th of August 2018. In project were participaiting such countries as Italy, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Polland, Hungary, Romania and Latvia

HIKE YE “Live it, Share it”

From 2nd of May till 10th of May in Cyprus was taking place ECO Youth Exchange "Live It, Share it!" Our participants want to share ther opinion about the project

The Change Makers

Project was organized in frames of “Erasmus+”, program called “The Changemakers” nad was in Romania. The scope of the project is to equip youth workers with the necessary competences to run educational programs in order to raise the level of active participation among young people in their communities.

TC “InsideOut”

From 18th of June till 25th of June in Eupen, Belgium was taking place TC “InsideOut” . In this TC were participating Latvia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium and Estonia 

ERASMUS+, KA1 Erasmus+ Youth We Can Do It: On the Way to Social Entrepreneurship 2015-3- CY02-KA105- 000568

The project “ We Can Do it: On the Way to Social Entrepreneurship” was financed by Erasmus Plus KA1 and National Board of Cyprus was implemented between 21-30/10/16 in Larnaca Cyprus. The participants were 22 youth workers from programme countries.