22.11. and 23.11.2016, “Active Youth Forum 2016” in frames of “ Joined week”

On 22nd and 23rd of November 2016 the „Active Youth Forum 2016“ in frames of “Ühisnädal” (Joined week) took place in “Mektory Innovation Center” with support of European social fond. The forum was attended by 150 young people and youth workers.

Main organizers of the forum were MISA, Youth Club Active, ShokkinGroup and HEAK.

The first day of the forum was for youngsters at the age from 17-26. The second day also included people who work with youngsters.

Five workshops with different topics were offered during these two days and each participant had the possibility to choose two of them at one day.

Each workshop was conducted by a Russian and an Estonian speaking leader.

First workshop – True power of young people is about world changing

This workshop was about our social problems and how we as young people can solve these problems.

It was led by Maia Eskla who is working in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Dmitri Moskovtsev one of TEDx Lasnamäe leaders.

Second workshop – Mediarium – active participation through media

The purpose of this workshop was to find out why and how youngsters use media. To get an answer lego was one method to find this out.

Leaders were Viktor Panasenko who is a creative director, movie maker and youth worker and Maria Kozlovskaja who is working as a lego teacher and youth worker.

Third workshop – Youngsters freedom of choice through “all” non-formal.

Point of this group was to search what civil activity is and how young people can realize their ideas through non-formal ways.

Leaders of this workshop were Alexander Arabkin and Kristi Mõistus who are mobile youth workers.

Fourth workshop – Volunteer work – for whom is it?

Youngsters, who participated in this workshop were speaking about who is a volunteer and what means volunteer work.

Leaders were Dariya Lukiyanitsa and Lauri Luide who are volunteers from the organization “Serve the city”.

Fifth group – Investing in yourself or what I can do in youth organizations

This workshop was dealing with the topic what benefits can participating in a youth organization give you and also explained what a NGO is.

Leaders were Jana from NGO ShokkinGroup and Mario Tasane.

During these two days’ youngsters also had the opportunity to communicate with others, find new friends and contacts for the future.


You can find further information about the event in the articles which are provided below and also get an impression through the photos.


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