20.11.2016, Flash mob „Look, we are near“! in frames of „Joined Week“ in Tallinn, Estonia

On 20th of November 2016 a Flash mob with the title “Look, we are near!” took place in “Viru Shopping Center” in Tallinn, Estonia. The Flash mob was organized by Youth Club Active and organisation “Speical world” Erilinemaailm in frames of “Joined week”. We decided to show to all what we already remark – children with special needs and their families are not a separated world. They are a part of our world and society. Young generations understand and accept this. Through our simple dance, we wanted to show that the development about that topic and what is happening at the moment in our society is very important for us.
We want to say thank you to all participants: volunteers, children and their families.
Thank you as well to ETV+, Postimees, Delfi, Radio 4, Coffee+, HEAK, Ühisnädal and the evening TV show “Your Evening” for informing about the event, sharing it and the help we got.

To get an impression about the event you can watch this video which was recorded during the Flashmob.