Youth Club Active started close collaboration with a charitable foundation “VLADIMIR METELITSA NIMELINE HEATEGEVUSFOND MTU” which engage veterans and people who passed the siege of Leningrad. Despite of that, they are very open and kind people for whom it is not a problem to share with their life stories.

Our cooperation with them have not so long yet but we already done a big work together!

1. With youngsters from Youth Club Active we did postcards by hands and congratulated elderly people with Merry Christmas and New Year.

2. We had organised several meetings between veterans and youngsters, where veterans shared with life stories like how it was to live in that period of the Second war, in which conditionals they lived and how survived. It was very good events for youngsters and very emotional. Of course at school they also have history but it is better to know something new from “real example” who have been there.

3.We organise charity action, collect foodstuffs like groats, canned goods and sort by packages. After we sort by packages and deliver them to veterans home.

4. We had special visit to Moscow with the second World War veterans from Estonia (14.04 – 20.04.2018). Our volunteer club likes to spend time with blockade survivors and veterans of war and therefore we had had an opportunity to go together with them to Moscow like attendants. These 6 days volunteers were a support and the help of our veterans because each of them had a volunteer who accompanied him on all receptions and excursion. Also our volunteers have visited 2 receptions where discussed about which problems are in Estonia and how volunteers decorate veteran’s life.All together they have visited many cathedrals, the museums and excursions where they could learn a lише more about Moscow. Actually this trip wouldn’t be possible without mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin to whom society of veterans of war of Estonia wrote Metelitsa. It was unforgettable experience with which volunteers not only could help veterans and also see the huge city of Moscow. On April 20 full structure we have returned to Tallinn. This trip was an award for those good deeds which we did for veterans. The boomerang of good has returned to us!

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