Our Volunteer Club members had got a unique opportunity to take part in the organization of a totally extraordinary event named “Emotions without borders”, which took place in Lasnamäe, Sepapaja 10 on 25th of August.
The main purpose of the event was to gather people together to collectively let off steam, only by using non-traditional method – instead of resorting to any kind of violence, the visitors could let out their emotions by throwing and breaking plates and cups against the walls.

To visualize their feelings, people could write or draw something on the exact same tableware, so that the act of smashing it had a deep personal meaning for everyone. In order to make the activity even more entertaining, in between rounds were arranged different performances by music bands and poets.

Thanks to our volunteers, who were performing the tasks like selling the tickets, cleaning up and designing the room and ensuring the safety of the visitors, the whole event was carried out according to plan and was loved by both organizers and guests. The event held mainly charitable purpose, and thanks to the joint efforts of the head organization – MTÜ Südamete Soojus – and Youth Club Active, we were able to create a whole range of positive emotions for all guests.