18th November in Tallinn was “Volunteer’s Fair”. More then 40 NGOs participated in the Fair who is working in volunteering local and international level. In the Fair, the NGO’s displayed the following objectives : help animals, caring for pensioner’s, work with children with disabilities, organizing and conducting concerts, festivals, sports events, searching for lost people, assistance in gathering products for poor families, and etc. Visitors had the opportunity to not only learn more about the organization, but also to join them.

Main organizers of the “Volunteer’s Fair” were Eesti Külaliikumine Kodukant Youth Club Active ESTSAR HEAK

Thank you for the finance support: Hooandja Hasartmängumaksu nõukogu Spordi ja noorsooamet

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Photo: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lzsyquf1hlgno86/AAC4ogfTF6Wnanz3CphRIc6ca?dl=0

Videos and Articles:


http://rus.err.ee/643501/v-tallinne-proshla-jarmarka-volonterov http://vid.ee/ru/video/new/cat_id=4181