16 volunteer participants from our organization gathered together at 7 am that day and headed to Ida Virumaa to help there with the tree planting event. For a moment they got lost in Estonian woods, so 4 hours later they finally made it to the place. During one-hour training course they found out, that there is 2400 to be planted and it was rather hard to believe, that it is possible to make it in just 6 hours. Luckily for them, later they found out that there will be another 500 people arriving to help, so the task was to split them into groups, teach them how to dig, plant, water the trees and not to burn themselves under the direct sunlight with +32C outside. Soon few buses full of people arrived, the shovels, buckets and gummy boots were divided and people headed to fields. So after walking more than 25000 steps, planting 2400 oaks and getting a T-shirt shaped tan our team –all tired, yet happy headed home.