In August our organisation was participaiting the Opinion festival (Arvamusefestival). Festival was taking place in Paide and it was lasting 2 days 11th and 12th of August.

What is Opinion festival? The opinion festival is an open meeting place for the whole society, aimed at developing an opinion culture and civic education. All the energetic and active people from Estonia and elsewhere are welcome to the festival, so that we can jointly discuss issues of importance to all of us.

In 2017 were 27 different Stages. Sessions had 11 different topics. Sessions were on 3 different languages: Russian, English and Estonian. So all this aspects mean that each person could find something interesting for him.

Our Stage name was „Stereotypes stage“ and our session name was „The world of invented stamps or the country of special motherhood“. Language of our session was Russian.

We chose the Forum theater as a method for the discussion.
At the begining we did small „warming up“. First of all we decided to clearify all deffinitions which are conected to our topic. After this we gave some statments and people should chose how much this statment is attractive for them from 0 to 100.
After this we showed the Forum theater. We showed how people react to kids with special needs and their perents, which questions they ask them and which stereotypes they have.
After our perfomance people gave their options how we can change the situation and solve the problem. Discusion was really intersting and lively.


Article from Erilinemaailm