On 10th of June was organised a beautiful event, which was made for the third time in Vihasoo camp in a co-work with Eriline Maailm.

On this event were organised different workshops which every child could visit and find something interesting for him and his family. They could choose between such possibilities as: baking bread on a campfire, while singing songs to a guitar, playing sport games in the garden, building sandy castles on the beach, drawing suns with a chalk and making them from a paper or they could make crafts from cones and plasticine.

Also on this event was organised a walk to the beach to look at beautiful view of the sea and play in the sand, as weather was very lovely and warm. After all activities we made a big group photo and had very tasty lunch. At the very end all children were awarded for actively participating in family day and were given some presents.

As a conclusion we can surely declare, that this day was useful for both parents and childen, because simple teamwork connects people and gives them the best emotions!

Main organizers of the “Family Day” were Eriline Maailm, Vihasoo Noortelaager, Youth Club Active.

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