In July 2017 in Youth Club Active was taking place Youth Meetings project «Take a new look, lets surf the city». Our partners were Põhja-Tallinn Youth center. We had 18 participants – half of them were Russian-speakers and half of them Estonian-speakers. In our project were participate youngsters 11-17 y.o.
We had 2 meetings. First one was from 7th July until 10th July.
During this meeting we made more presser to team-building and language brier overcomming. Also we had session about tourism, formal and non-formal education, about Erasmus+ and Youthpass.
During second meeting we were exploring the city, finding and visiting new places, composing maps.
We made 3 maps :
1. Web-map which was made in one special programm. You can add places to this map
2. Map-game with QR-codes. This is the board game with interesting facts, about places, also some life-hacks and QR-codes, what you can scan and go immediately to this place web-page or to google maps, where you can see this place location.
3. Drown map with places and description

«A wonderful feeling after the project, when it’s something for society, you realize your responsibility, get inner satisfaction from your work, you get self-confidence and the most important thing – there are many new friends! To create something together with the guys, who speak on other language and in non-formal atmosphere, the language barrier disappears, in the team there is cohesion and the guys begin to feel like a team. In such an atmosphere the teenager yearns to learn and in similar projects it is necessary for everyone! » – sad one of participants
«A wonderful project! I was very impressed! Earlier it seemed to me that people who speak on different languages do not understand each other. But this project showed me the opposite. Despite everything, we remained on the same wave, understood and supported each other!»-sad another participeant

1st Meeting 07.07-10.07.2017
2nd meeting 20.07-24.07.2017