This KA3 project was written and realized by an initiative group of 7 youths, who participated in the first part of this project. Being inspired, they decided to get their own experience in organizing projects on the local level.

First meeting: Tallinn 23.02.2019-28.02.2019

The first meeting took place in ECOLAND Hotel in Tallinn.

In the beginning of this meeting the participants played some ice-breaking games, got familiar with what ERASMUS+ is and discussed the plans for the project.

During the second day they had an open dialogue about stereotypes and overcoming them, which makes a big problem nowadays. They also took part in the forum theatre, which gave them a bigger picture about breaking their stereotypes. In the evening the participants had a visitor, who explained them what were the “integration” and “inclusion” and what is the difference, and another guest, who spoke about how to script and make suitable content.

The third day was a bit more active and began with brainstorming and writing scripts for future social videos. In continuation the participants went to Tallinn University to discover its conditions for people with disabilities. After the participants got time to film their videos and start editing.

The fourth day was full of discussions, cause it began with preparations for the forum with politicians and other specialists. During the forum itself the participants got the opportunity to discuss questions about studying options for people with disabilities and voice their opinion. After thanking the guests, the participants shared their videos with each others and had a dialogue about the importance of revealing the problems through social media. In the evening, after all the main activities, they evaluated the first part of the project, talked about plans for the next meeting, shared their emotions and had a small farewell party.

The last day was full of hugs and goodbyes.



Second meeting: Narva 15.03.2019-17.03.2019

The second meeting took place in INGER Hotel in Narva.

In the beginning the participants got time to spend with each other after a long time apart. REUNION!

On the second day they reminded themselves about what was already done during the first meeting and what should be done during the second. It the noon the participants made a trip to Narva College, to discover its conditions for people with disabilities and compared them  to conditions in Tallinn University. In the evening they also had a dialogue about motivation: they learned what it is and discovered the ways to motivate themselves and others.

On the beginning of the third day the participants had debates on topic of comfort zone and then experienced being the readers in the Human library ( . In the evening they had a reflection of the whole project and discussed the dissemination methods and had a big farewell party.

The fourth day consisted of writing pleasant letters to each others, getting youth passes and saying last goodbyes.



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