Was multicultural Youth Exchange in which was involved 40 participants from Ukraine, Estonia, Armenia, Germany, Georgia and Czech Republic

The project was organized in frames of programme Youth In Action with support of Estonian NA www.euroopanoored.ee

Dates: 23/06/2013 – 1/07/2013

Group per country: 5+1 group leader (participants were in age 17-20 years old)

Venue: Ukraine, Slovjanogorsk (146 km from Donetsk)

Project “F3: Foundation For Future” was based on the fact, that to build a future career is a very hard decision for each young person and that is why the problem unemployment is very high nowadays. As organizers we believe that this issue was born because of youngsters no awareness about estimating their selves, they yield to the influence of others and mostly going to another country, following their friends and forget about their own interests. According to that, we offered to youth be involved in self-assessment process, to think about what they made in the past, what they have at that moment (present) and based on that plan their future.

The project programme contained in self-assessment sessions, career tests, meeting with people from different professions, EVS possibilities, session “the most popular job in participant countries”, simulation and business games, discussions about immigration to another country and looking for the “brilliant future”. Each part of the programme helped to youth developed minds and gave them future possibility to think how to be competitive in the world and do not face the problem of unemployment. The main idea was: We tried to realize the model of real imagination of the future career way for each youth person by themselves. As a tool was organized the video workshop where each group made short social video which was created according to gained ideas about “foundation for future” through youth exchange sessions. After the project, organizations which took part in this youth exchange, started to disseminate result in their countries in different places (made “waves” in other manners).

Aim: To give an inspiration and information for building up the personal plan of the future career way (self-assessment)


• The main idea is to give the first step for awareness what the young person really wants. It could be different decisions and that is why we would like to present the YiA programme

• To be involved in self-assessment process, to think about what I made in the past, what I have at that moment my present and according to that plan my future.

• To create a social video about unemployment situation through youth opinion

• To transfer the experience which will be gained at all stages of creating the video to other new ideas (initiatives) in social level.

• To disseminate outcomes and result from the youth exchange

• To build up creative and communication skills, support intercultural exchange, foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries

• To promote and facilitate the active approach to building good ideas which are interested by youngsters and sustainable position about initiative.

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