Preliminary date: 31/05/12 – 07/06/2012

Group per country: 5+1 group leader 25 participants from Estonia, Armenia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

The project was organized in frames of programme Youth In Action with support of Estonian NA

Project „ Do step forward. Get the wave“ is based on the fact, that each initiative and idea can be achieved. Among the youngsters we found the problem that they have a fear to take an initiative, be a leader or responsible. What is more, young people are not sure that they can realize their idea and get the result. As a method to solve this problem we decided to take board game. In our country this activity is very popular and youngsters from Estonian country are ready to show our collection of board games and make exchange. Each of us has his own experience in board games and knows, how can be interesting this activity.
During this project we offer to participants create all together a one board game with their own rules, necessary equipment and stuff. After the Youth Exchange each national group will organize in their organizations tournaments with this board game. Moreover, we are planning that after project national groups will spread this board game among other youngsters and explain to everyone if you have an idea and you would like to change something, you can organize the project, find the method and create it.
Each of us can change something and get the result.