Project number – 2018-1-EE01-KA105-046994

APV: 27-28.07.2018 (2 travel days)
Youth Exchange: 08.09.2018 – 14.09.2018 (+ 2 travel days, 07.09 – arrival, 15.09 – departure)

Participants: 16-23 years old, leader 18+, the one who participated in APV

Group per country: 4 participants + 1 leader

Venue: Tammispea village, Suburban camp Vihasoo + Tallinn, Estonia

Countries: Finland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Estonia

Applicant organization: NGO Youth Club Active (Estonia)

Partner Organizations: Finland (Hyvinkää youth department), Cyprus (See why), Germany (East West East Germany e. V.), Hungary (Second Floor Second Room), Lithuania (Elektrenu kulturos centras), Romania (Asociatia Bumerang), Portugal (ASSOCIACAO CHECK-IN COOPERACAO EDESENVOLVIMENTO)


Description of the project:

The idea to organize this project came from the beautiful minds of EVS volunteer Chris the Bacon from Romania and amazing Youth Club Active members Lera Stepanova the Eater, Alexandra Ruzu the Zuzu , and Makar Medvedjev the Diver.

Working together, they filled in the application form, involved partners and built the timetable. This was the first experience for most of them to write a project. Some people believe that if they don’t eat healthy all the time and do sports all the time they are having an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, some people go in the opposite direction and ignore healthy eating and any kind of physical activities. We aim to show that there is a middle ground. The idea of this Youth Exchange is to promote a „balanced healthy lifestyle” among youngsters that can help them discover the lifestyle that works best for them.

One of our aims is to help young people discover and create fun and healthy activities they can do to stay in shape. Also, throughout the project we want to show alternatives to fast food and how food can be cooked easily, but in a delicious way.

Throughout the project we will engage in a number of outdoor activities, cooking lessons, hikes and sports that can help us achieve our goal. During the project we want to hear about the positive and negative aspects of being a professional athlete and having a serious food regime. At the end of the project participants will be required to share what they discovered throughout this YE and ways to disseminate it.




To promote the idea of a „balanced healthy lifestyle” among young people (16- 23 y.o.) that can help them discover their own individual healthy path and exchange experiences.




*Increase awareness of the positive aspects of a balanced diet and workout regime

*Motivate young people to lead healthy lives and be involved in more activities

*Share experiences and knowledge related to sports and balanced eating

*Discover new cultures through their national sports and cuisine

*Promote outdoor activities and hiking

*Support healthy food and show alternatives to fast food

*Discover and create new activities than can help you improve yourself

*Self-reflection on how those activities can help you

*Foreign language practice

Pics from the project

Pics from the APV

Posts about Youth Exchange:


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We successfully ended implementation of the youth exchange “Spoody lifestyle” which was managed in the Vihasoo Noortelaager and the last day we spent in Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 . In the project took part 8 countries: Portugal 🇵🇹, Hungary 🇭🇺, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Germany 🇩🇪, Cyprus 🇨🇾, Romania 🇷🇴, Finland 🇫🇮 and Estonia 🇪🇪 A lot of emotions, inputs and good memories! BIG thanks to the ACTIVE team for the great project idea, its realisation, productive work and good mood all the time! Chris Bacon Lera Stepanova Makar Medvedev Artjom Varbla Jekaterina Zubatova Angelina Drozd Alexandra Ruzu Ksenija Melnikova #erasmusplus #youthexchange #youthclubactive #noorteagentuur #vihasoocamp

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