“We are the CHAMPIONS. Let’s log in!” was a multicultural Youth Exchange in which were involved 32 participants from Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic

APV: 1-3 of August 2014
Preliminary date: 29.09.2014 – 04.10.2014
Group per country: 5+1 group leader (participants were youth people from 16-19 years old, leaders are youth workers who participated in PBA)

Venue:  Suburban camp Vihasoo, Tammispea Village, Estonia (70km from Tallinn)

How was born the project idea:
Youth worker from NGO Youth Club Active participated on November 2013 in PBA “Work in Progress” Denmark, Copenhagen. During the partner building activity by group of 7 people was created the project idea. As a practical youth workers all group members know the main problems among youth. They focus on the problem youth unemployment and started to think how start in frames of Erasmus+ programme explore this issue with youth and work on it. By them was created idea to take social network as a tool of working with problem youth unemployment because this problem is very actualnowadays and chosen instrument is also very close to youth, but usually they do not know how to use this instruments in the good way and how dangerous could it for building the future career.

Even the name of the project consist in term “CHAMPIONS” which has a special meaning. “Champions”: in order to get conversations started in an online community, you need a group of enthusiasts willing and confident to get things moving by posting messages, responding, and helping others. We decided, that it could clearly fit the topic of our project – “we are the Champions” because participants will be a group of active internet users, which would like to think on this topic and make things happen.

By youth workers were created aims, objectives of the project, work plan and the main idea that after the PBA try to involve youth to this youth exchange. If they will be interested to work on this project, will be inspired by it – in this case organization will continue cooperation and participate in the project.

As project coordinators were chosen Estonia, because of the hugest experience in youth work and possibility to organize project in the good place, youth. Till the deadline gave the final positive answers 4 countries with whom Estonia continue cooperation.

In Estonia as well was gathered the initiative team of 5 people who took initiative of working on project programme, methods and fill in the application form. Estonian team contacted with other youth groups from other 4 countries and organized the network in social community that to discuss, cooperate and share with news. Each group leader continue support their youth and help in each stage of the project.

That to realize project in actin and achieve results we first of create created the project aims and objectives.

The main aim:

  • To empower youth awareness of using social networks as a tool for unemployment solutions.


Concrete objectives:
* To turn youth minds to importance of media education in building their future careers
* To make youth aware of social network security to avoid negative influence for future employability
* To stimulate self-assessment through YouthPass, video-CV, EuroPass in order to be more competitive on the labor market
* To learn the different between non-virtual and virtual “reality” via experiment
* To disseminate the result of the project in youth local areas and in the Internet. As an outcome for dissemination will be “Video TIPS” and tips for the
clips will be gathered by youth during the youth exchange and make up during the video workshop

Take a look on our video tips which we made up during the youth exchange “We are the CHAMPIONS. Let’s log in”!
1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKXMs_FGhNE&feature=youtu.be
2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8fIKXz5iAo&feature=youtu.be
3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7kxjeHVLEc&feature=youtu.be
4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dho0FW1FVx0
5 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQTwrzcVTd4&feature=youtu.be