This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community program Youth in Action.

“From Experience to Self-Evaluation” is a training course in which were involve participants from Estonia, Germany, Russia, Belarus including 1 trainer and 1 trainer’s assistant from Estonia and 1 expert from Germany. The themes of the TC are youth unemployment, self- assessment of the developing competences, recognition of the non-formal learning.

The problem: lack of competitiveness of young people without experience in the labor market.

Adjusted problem: Young people are receiving a huge store of skills in youth organizations are not able to evaluate it and transform to developing competence. Result: do not know what I can – the employer does not know too – a job not taking me.

Background: Not bringing to an employer their competence, blocked the process of recognizing non-formal education in society, as well as recognition by the employer.


To train youth workers on supporting personal and professional development of young people though self-evaluation process.

To understand difficulties of SA for young people, role of youth worker in the process of SA and career planning.

To learn, to create or/and find methods of SA for different target groups. To test proposed methods.

To assess own role in organization. What, why and how I will use outcomes of the TC in my usual work.

The main contents of the TC were

Opening and practicing the components of the Self-Assessment process

Implementing Youthpass in training.

The dates of the TC activities were 2.05.2011.- 7.05.2011.


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