From 6th until 9th of November in Sillamäe was taking place Seminar about Human Library in frames of Erasmus+ KA1. In this project we had participants from Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russian Federation.

In role of participants we had Books and active youth who were interested in Human Library format and in role of group leaders we had Human Library organisers

Main aim of this project was to exchange knowledge and practice about a Human Library and organise Human Library event in Sillamäe.

During project we were talking about Erasmus+, stereotypes, how it’s going with Human Library in our counties, what problems we are facing and what common we have.

In frames of one of session leader from Russian team presented for us such project as and such tool as Comics

One way have we prepared books to Human Library was books description preparation and testing Human Library session where Books had a chance to “read” each other

Before HL event we went to Sillamäe college to tell students about upcoming event, to promote and to atract youngsters to our event.

On the 8th of November we had Human Library event in Ida-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskus. We had 10 books and around 40 readers. More about Human Library you can reade here

On the last day we had evolution session and session about future plans, where participants were sharing there ideas about dissemination and networking

Photo from project

Photo from HL