First meeting 23.03.2019:
In the beginning of this meeting the participants listened to a introductory speech held by the ambassador from the British embassy. After that they played some ice-breaking nad some get-to know each games and discussed plans for the project. Then there was a session about “The role of woman in society” with a discussion about stereotypes, opinions and interesting facts about the labour market statistics on Estonia.
The discussion was followed by a meeting with psychologist for teenagers Jelena Parfenova. She lead a session about self-esteem, and the participants gain new knowledge on how to create plan for the future and what it means firstly to be successful on the labour market. The third session was with the marketer Jana Gashkova. She provided information to the participants on how to create a personal plan, time management , recognition and an overview about the labour market in Estonia. In the end of the day was a reflection about the whole day.

FIRST EXCURSION DAY 26.03.2019: Excursion by Keiu Org at Tallinn Technical University (TalTech). Information about building, opportunities and specialities.

SECOND EXCURSION DAY 27.03.2019: Excursion by Olena Olmelchenko, who was providing the tour at the Baltic Institute of Cinematography, Media, Art and Communication of Tallinn University (BFM). The participants visited the BFM’s cinema, a film studio and recording studio. At the end of the tour the participants were watching a short film, created by students, in the University’s cinema. During the tour they gain knowledge about the BFM curriculum, additionally to that there was the opportunity to listen to the program of the entire Tallinn University.

Second meeting day 30.03.2019:
The day started with hugs, energizers and an overview of the schedule for the day. First session started with Jelena Malõgina, who is the career consultant from Töötukassa. The topic was about “What kind of profession fits to my personality?”. The participants got to know how to pass a job interview, how to write a CV, and which skills certain jobs are requiring. The second session was lead by a team from Django Girls: Elizaveta Lebedeva, Marina Khanukaeva and Ekaterina Krivich. During the session the participants became more familiar with the IT-sphere, opportunities in the IT-sphere, especially for women. Furthermore, the participants learned about the experiences from Django Girls. The third session was about deep self-reflection using the method of fairytale therapy by Anna Morozova. The participants were introduced to this method, the experiences of the leader. Additionally to that an individual reflection was held based on the 8 key competences, as well as a reflection about the knowledge the participants received through/ during the project and their expectations before the start of the project. The day ended with feedback for the organizers and a last speech from the British embassy giving diplomas for participation.