During this summer our Active members were helping to lead one ESC project in Vihasoo summer camp

For a long time, they wanted to stop using plastic cups for water because every year during the summer period they were using approximately 27 000 of these cups, and this year they did it!

What was done in the frames of this project:

  1. In each period was taking place workshop about plastic pollution, reusing, reasonable intake and also gave proposals about how to keep nature clean, at least in frames of our camp. In workshops were participating youngsters in age 7 – 16 y.o. For different age groups, were using different methods and activities. Our members were helping to plan and to lead these workshops.
  2. Promoted to youngsters use their personal bottles for water in stead of plastic cups
  3. Workers were given a personal example by using personal bottles of water, which were designed in the frames of this project. Active participants of workshops also had a chance to receive this bottle


The outcome from this project:

Instead of 27 000 plastic cups people in camp used only 900 bottles for water during all summer season.