“NGO Youth Centre Vihasoo and NGO Youth Club Active” leaded the international Training course (KA1) in frames of Erasmus+ programme in which were involved 8 programme countries: Estonia, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania and Poland.
Title: “Laboratory: Learning by playing”
Preliminary date: 01/02/15 – 09/02/2015 (01.02 – arrival day, 09.02 – departure day)
Group per country: 3 participants from each organization
Venue: Training course took place in Estonia, Tallinn.
How was born the project idea:
Two colleague Darja Djatsenko and Jelena Gusseva are working in the youth field around 14 years and through this period of time were involved in process of recognition of non-formal education. “For us the non-formal methods have a huge role in non-formal development among youth and there are a huge variety of different instruments which youth workers are using in action. According to our background as work in suburban camp and in youth centres we are used to use the tool “game” and through experience recognize a lot of different aspects about this instrument.”
Related to that was born the idea to share with ll gained skills and knowledge trough the laboratory “learning by playing” where youth workers were able to recognize the role of the game in non-formal learning process and as well found out the types of the game, their structure and system.
What is more, during the TC youth workers were involved not just in practical stuff like playing games, they also were involved to self-assessment process. Each participant had opportunity to recognize the method “game” in non-formal learning process and plan how it could be useful or useless in his or her work.
Main aims:
– To involve youth workers to the recognition of the method “game” in non-formal education and become a part of the process of “learning by playing”
– To test in action different types of games and understand the content (structure) of this instrument (start of the game, main process and evaluation of the game)
– To involve participants to be a part of self-assessment process trough playing and with help of YouthPass competences (use this certificate as an instrument).
* Different types of practical games (team-building activities, ice-braking, games to know each other, sport games, night games, simulations games, games for trust and so on).
* Workshop “Laboratory” (non-formal learning recognition, concept of the tool “game” and self-assessment process as a youth worker who are ready to use gained knowledge in action)
* Brainstorm (“game” is our future, it helps to force youth to communicate between each other)
* Presentations (types of the games, their structure and )
* Role game (introduction with about formal, non-formal and informal learning)
* Learning Diary (reflection time with Personal and Group Reflection exercises, self assessment process through YouthPass competences)
* Group work (Management & Development, to develop projects among the partners)
* Laboratory in Action (use gained outcomes from Laboratory in practice as a Open space in local organization)
* Session YouthPass (Final Evaluation, conclusion of the Learning Diary and according to it fill in the YouthPass
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