Project code-name “LasnaQuest”

We (Youth Club Active in cooperation with LasnaIdee) invited interested urban explorers of age 15-26 to gather a team and create together an awesome urban quest game for one of Lasnamäe districts.

Urban quest game is a fun way to challenge your skills to navigate and scout for adventures. During the game, you need to find more or less hidden places, find out about the origins of the place and learn to read the urban landscape. Participants had to be focused and ready to dive into the neighborhood and explore its possibilities. As a result, we now understand the city better and we found many new interesting places. Even a very familiar neighborhood opened up to us in a totally new way.

With the formed team, we met regularly from 31st of October until 23th of December in the cozy rooms of Youth Club Active during which we learned to…

  • Find interesting places in an urban environment
  • Navigate in an urban landscape
  • Form intriguing questions
  • Work in a team, assign roles and task, reach collective decisions
  • Design game sheet
  • Develop and organize a successful event in social media, where you can invite all your friends.

The high point of the program was on the 16th of December when we organized together an open  Quest game in Lasnamae Hobby school (Lasnamäe district).


Event for you to explore

As was mentioned, the high point, the result of this project was an event organized on 16 December. In a nutshell, we gathered people in Youth Club Active, where the teams were formed to set off for the fascinating adventure. There were families, groups of friends who wanted to simply enjoy the amazing atmosphere among people close to them. It was such joy to see the smiles and talk to those who have completed the quest, and for what we have heard it was a satisfying experience!

We also did love organizing it! It was a challenge for us as well, however it was definitely worth it. The emotions and the drive after it was something to live for!

Here you can find us on Facebook. If you’d like to follow LasnaQuest for the future events don’t forget to press “I’m interested” button – click here

You can also follow us on Youth Club Active page and LasnaIdee page


But future is so far…can I play now…?

Well you won’t believe me, but yes, you can!


Just be sure make it clear for yourself…

  • Are you tired of the short days without anything interesting happening in your routine life?
  • You cannot bare staying at home any longer?
  • You believe there are only dull houses in Lasnamäe ?


Then challenge yourself by completing quest!

With us you will spend your time usefully and with lots of fun as well as discovering new places to hang out !

So what is LasnaQuest?

• It’s a perfect place to make your Instagram photos

• An easy way to hit your 10k steps

• A chance to meet new people

• Communicate, yes, you can do a lot of that here

• An opportunity to get to know Lasnamäe and its secrets


In the course of the game you will need to find more or less hidden places, recall the history and observe your surroundings. The game requires from its participants attentiveness and creativeness in exploring the city! Via the quest you learn to navigate the region as well as discover fascinating places. You can take part in the quest alone, with friend or even with the whole family! In average it takes about 1,5 h to finish the game.


Some instruction so you can enjoy the game on your own:

1. Print out the map and the questions. You can find them below.

2. The places are marked on the map, after reaching one you will need to answer a question connected with the place.

3. In some cases the questions have two types – yellow have a known to you specific place and blue ones are the questions, where you will have to guess the place.

4. The order in which you pass the spots is up to you

5. Send us a photo of you or your group during the quest to our e-mail – We will send you back the right answers so you could check yours! (Or you can just take a look at the file with right questions below)

6. Want to share your picture from the quest? Use #lasnaquest

7. Notice other interesting stuff around you, not only the places marked on the map!


Files For You



– An article about the quest in Russian – click here


Landscape quest game programme was organized by NGO Lasnaidee in cooperation with NGO Youth Club Active and with the kind support of the British Council.