Youth Club Active is a part of a very important and interesting long-term project in frames KA2 of the Erasmus + program. The name of the project is “The referee for volunteering”.We are very glad to present the logo of the web platform and mobile application that we are going to realize in frames of the project. It will be the main result of the Strategic Partnership for Innovation that we coordinate.

Together with our partners Asociacion Deses-3 from Spain and Hellenic Youth Participation from Greece, we have chosen to create and develop a project based on a tool that helps to continue developing great initiatives and projects of quality volunteering. We are working to create a powerful tool based

on the direct experience of entities and volunteers that shows the daily life of a European volunteering project with different types of problems from day to day. For that, we had a Skype meeting where had discussed future tasks and deadlines.

February 2019 on the 15th and 16th of February 2019 we had  REEVOL project kick-off meeting in Medina del Campo, Spain. The Association Deses-3 is the lead partner of the REEVOL project and responsible for its overall management, so the first reunion had to take place in the Association’s headquarter. The meeting brought together the consortium for the first time to discuss and clarify the project objectives, timetable and to confirm the understanding of partners’ role and responsibilities during the project life. 

In the next months, the common aim will be to collect all the necessary information to be classified and transformed into the contents of the mobile App and web platform. This will be developed by a solid consortium of partners with experience and expertise in the field of volunteering, coaching and mentoring, social innovation and Youth commitment at both local and European level. Participating countries in this project are Estonia, Greece, and Spain, everyone bringing different points of view, but sharing the willing to make the volunteering experience unique. The next transnational meeting will take place in Athens, hosted by Hellenic Youth Participation on the 18th and 19th of October 2019 with the representatives of each entity

We hope you like it and we invite you to visit the project website: