FIRST ADR KIT – long-term KA2 project in frames of Erasmus+ programme.

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The project is financed by European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth.

STEP 1 : Kick-off meeting in April 2016

Different representatives of 5 partners – Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland and United Kingdom managed the first kick-off meeting of First ADR Kit strategic partnership. It was the first step of the long-term project that is going to last for 2 years, in which we will develop new tools of teaching mediation in youth projects.

During the first meeting the founders of the strategic partnership negotiated a lot in order to plan the partnership for the next 2 years, set up the deadlines and the dates of future activities, managed to create the structure and strategy of the work, managed the communication and teamwork, came back home with new ideas, motivation and hope to keep up with such a good work.

Photos: Tallinn, Estonia 12.04.2016-15.04.2016

STEP 2 : Local research

After the Kick-off meeting each of the partners started to work on their parts of the structure. Their task was to make the desk research on Alternative Dispute Resolution Education in their countries, explaining the current situation, usage and effectiveness of ADR.

STEP 3: TC in England, October 2016

Enriched with power and motivation we went to England, to the lovely town of Worcester, where we participated in the Training Course “First ADR Kit”​ from 1st until 8th of October 2016. The main aim of the training course was to equip youth workers with competences related to Alternative Dispute Resolution, with special focus on mediation and conflict resolution skills. As participants we had an opportunity to engage in a series of simulations and role play exercises and practice how, as youth workers and youth leaders, we can deal with real conflicts in our everyday lives. To achieve this aims and make the process of learning more interesting and closer to us as youth workers, trainers were using different working methods

Photos : 1-8 October, 2016 Worcester, UK

STEP 4: Local dissemination

The aim of OUR DISSEMINATION was to inform the youth workers about mediation process, share gained knowledge, create a working process for implementing ideas. After negotiation we decided to manage several activities. The first one was “Introduction Workshop about Mediation”,​ where ​we shared our knowledge about the mediation generally, created the tool or list of advices and involve the youth workers of Active Club in the First ADR kit; the second one is “How to be Mediator”​, where we wanted to manage to explore/develop detailed structure of mediation process and the role of mediator deeply. The final stage was trying tools of teaching mediation, share the knowledge and implement our mediation skills on the youth workers in age between 18-30 y.o. As the additional task we translated terminology of mediation and conflict resolution to the language of youth work so we can implement it in future work.



Local training course for youth workers

STEP 5: TC in Italy, March 2017

In March 2017 we had the second meeting of the KA2 project ” First ADR kit” in Pesaro, Italy. During the meeting we managed to develope our own variation of the workshops sharing the knowledge we’ve gained during the first meeting in Worcester, UK. It was a hard process of developing the workshops, using non-formal methods as the main tool. In the end every national team managed to create 2 workshops per country. Inspired by our Host organization all the teams departured back home to develope futher their ideas and share our results with the local community back to the national countries.


Photos : 12-19 of March, Pesaro, Italy

STEP 6: Local dissemination

In the spring, our target group were future youth workers. We loaded a group of more than 20 people into the world of ADR. Two workshops were held: “Romeo-Juliet” ( Generating options, creating solutions) and “Phantom” (Asking the right questions). This two workshops we created during TC in Italy. Both of them were very interesting. Youngsters have learned how to create opportunities and ask the right questions.

Photos:  Local workshop for Active youth workers

STEP 7: TC in Narvik, Norway, 8-12.06.2017

In Norway we had meeting with organisers, discussions, future plans and negotiate what we had already done.

Midterm meeting article here 

Photos here


STEP 8: Local dissemination

This summer, on the beautiful green spaces of the Vihasoo camp, in the middle of Lahemaa National Park, we leaded 5 workshops, which told the youth, “What is ADR and How to ask the right questions?”. The kids was pretty young, we chose the most unusual workshop – “Phantom”. It is very important for children to learn how to ask questions correctly, to conduct a dialogue, to record the received data, to present gathered information.

Each workshop started with an interesting immersion in the world of ADR. Then we went on to the importance of knowing how to ask the right and correct questions. They talked about what kinds of questions there are. After that, we divided the kids into 5 teams. The teams took turns to go to the Phantom, which was hidden. Returning to the team, the participants drew a portrait and recorded the information they received. In the finale of the event, the Phantom appeared  and they in turn presented their drawings. Then we compared the results.

5 incredible adventures, with an unexpected finale. Each workshop ended with loud applause.

3 times kids went to Phantom, who was on a island.

2 times we were in Africa, in a mysterious tribe, where a Phantom named Tahenke was supposed to make the most important decision in his life.

Due to the classification of questions, the history of each phantom was revealed almost completely, and kids learned everything that was needed. Each team presented its own portrait of the Phantom. The final of each workshop was reflection.

About 100 children aged 12-16 years during this summer learned about the ADR universe.

This is how whole our trip to ADR world look like!

ADR workshops were implemented:

10.07.2017 – 1 workshop

17.07.2017 – 2 workshop

24.07.2017 – 3 workshop

21.08.2017 – 4 workshop

30.08.2017 – 5 workshop

Photos are here

Estonian team workshops description here>>


During 4 month (January, February, March and April) all of the partner countries have worked on the project visual result as ADR Handbook.

Each country needed to translate English handbook version to the version of their country native language. Estonian organisation has selected Russian language for translation as Youth Club Active organisation is mostly working with Russian community in Estonia and this decision was more productive for future using.

This “First ADR Kit” Handbook contains educational materials about conflict resolution education for teenagers and young adults, aged 13-30. ADR stands for “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and represents a set of methods and skills used in conflict resolution. Inside you will find a short introduction to ADR, followed by twelve workshop scenarios and two educational game-based exercises that can be used in conflict resolution education for young people: in schools, universities, youth clubs, camps, social centres etc.

Фото Youth Club Active.


Intellectual outputs as Handbook on 5 languages (English, Polish, Norwegian, Italian and Russian you can download here –


May was using for printing books and preparation for the final event.

Each country managed final event on their style and with their concept.


First handbook presentation happened on the May Seminar in Poland.

There happened first conference in frames of the dissemination Polish and English handbooks –


On the conference in Krakow, Poland Estonian organisation YCA was presented by two group leaders and main participants of the whole project Olga Sokolova and Tatjana Mihnovitš.

Post about seminar in Krakow on the Youth Club Active Facebook page.


The final event and presentation of the Russian handbook in Estonia happened in the Youth International camp Vihasoo Noortelaager. To the Vihasoo camp were invited youth workers, teachers, EVS volunteers and project coordinators from different organisations. The event was managed on 30.06.2018 by Youth Club Active team who took part in this long-term project. In the event participated 28 representatives from different schools and youth organisations.


Instagram –


Pics on the Facebook album –


FINAL EVENT – description

30th of June – final event and presentation of the handbook “First ADR KIT”

VENUE: NGO Youth Centre Vihasoo –

TIME: 11:00 – transfer from the Tallinn to the camp (70 km)

WHY THIS PLACE? – During the summer people prefer spent time on the nature. Youth camp is an amazing place on the seaside where we had opportunity to work hard and productive, to order lunch and enjoy nature.

We even invited Estonia NA representative Anastassia Putchkova, who took 2 books in Estonia National agency.


Timetable of 30th of June:

11:00 – departure from the YCA organisation (Võru 11, Tallinn)

12:00 – arrival to the camp, short introduction of the place and work rooms + coffee/tea

12:30 – 14:00 – ADR? What is was about? Stages of the project, presentation of the web side ADR, partners and followed all stages through the detailed instruction on the web site of the YCA organization. Work in mini groups and test of some workshops from the ADR trainings. We provided those activities which implemented during the workshops period.

14:00 – 14:45 – lunch in camp

14:45-15:30 – Handbook “First ADR kit” presentation and put signature to each book. Fill in the participant list and manage conversations about the handbook dissemination.

16:00 – departure to the Tallinn

17:00 – back to Tallinn



35 participants (30 were representatives from different organisations and 5 organisers from Youth Club Active)

Handbooks: we gave 67 books (one per each organisation + additionally to some organisations 2 for the dissemination and active use in 2 languages, EN and RU


Beside the final event some handbook materials were presented to the Vihasoo camp workers, where every summer have a rest more than 500 children and are working around 80 youth workers.


Фото Youth Club Active.


Also books become a part of the Youth Club Active organisation library, where are more than 100 different materials/handbooks which are actively using by youth workers of organisation.

We also plan to manage big presentation of the ADR project on the September, where will invite all of the Active members (around 300 people) and present project in general. We have managed that before for youth workers, but now plan to make a global presentation of the handbook and ADR project stages.

What is more, we have

We are ready to share results of the long-term project, provide handbook in digital and material versions and promote ADR as method in youth work for conflict resolutions.


Dissemination after the project by ACTIVE TEAM 

On the 1st of September for the youth workers from 8 different countries (Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Italy and Romania) by Youth Club Active ADR team Olga Sokolova and Alexandra Makarova was organised session “First ADR kit”. In frames of this session girls who during 2 years participated in the long-term project were able to share their experience, introduce result of the project as Handbook “First ADR kit” , explain the meaning of ADR and implement one of the practical workshops “Romeo and Juliet”. It was a very productive and intensive session, where Active team were able to share with the received knowledge and skills with other youth workers from different countries and make an example very interesting project of KA2.
At the end of the event the most interested participants received Handbooks EN version and were able to take them to their organisations that to use in action.