Project number: 2016-1-EE01-KA105-017078

“We are different, but united” is an international youth exchange in which were involved 8 countries: Germany, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine, Armenia, Poland

Dates: 09.09.2016-16.09.2016
Participants age: 15-20
Group per country: 4 participants + 1 leader
Venue: Tammispea village, Suburban camp Vihasoo + Tallinn, Estonia
Applicant organization: NGO Youth Club Active (Estonia)
Partner Organizations: ESW (Germany), DRONI (Georgia), Youth view non-governmental organization (Armenia), Agency for Free Development (Ukraine), Fundacja Pokolenia (Poland), AssociationDESE3 (Spain).

Description of the project:
The idea of the project was to inform people about different religions in our world, because we meet them  every day and sometimes we face up uncomfortable situations.  People, especially youngsters, have a lot of stereotypes about religions, that is why there is misunderstanding between them. This causes many conflicts. Our project was the first step to break stereotypes and expand the horizons. Every participant had possibility to present their culture and religion to others and at the same time to find out about others.  Participants communicated by different methods as: debates, team games, role games, group works, etc. Thanks to this project young people received new skills and knowledge about how to be tolerant to others and in future share this information.

The main aims and objectives:

  1. To explore and overcome prejudices, stereotypes that disturb intercultural dialog and focus on tolerant thinking
  2. To find out how in our (in other) country (-ies) people relate to different cultures, traditions and religions (multicultural dialogue)
  3. To discover method photo and express tolerant thinking to different religious and cultures through it. To realize photo exhibition “We are different, but united”
  4. To focus on global European problems as racism, discrimination, refugee’s migration and deal with term “tolerant thinking” though multicultural dialogue that to avoid those problems.
  5. To find ways how to break down the barriers and do not be afraid of communication in foreign language and express own point of view.
  6. To make people confident in their point of view, to be able positively attitude to differentness among people in different countries with different backgrounds
  7. To discover your own understanding of the term „tolerance“
  8. To find a lot of new friends and partners, to build good relationship with youth from Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Estonia and Belarus
  9. To improve skills and develop different competences in frames of non-formal learning. To deal with YouthPass as with instrument for self-reflection.


Aims of the project:

  • to support international dialogue between participating organizations through culture and religion traditions of participating countries and to raise awareness in this field.
  • facilitating communication between different religions
  • discover the term “Tolerance”
  • helping to expand the horizons of young people by using non-formal methods



  • to get to know cultures and traditions
  • to feel more confident in communication with people with different culture background
  • to understand importance of tolerance
  • to accept different cultures and religions
  • to get new friends and partners
  • to develop and improve language skills

Pictures from the Youth exchange

The project visual result become a photo exhibition with photos which were taken by participants during the youth exchange main activity.
All photos from the exhibition you can find here –

Each country managed their own exhibition after the main project activity. It was connected with the project stage dissemination. In Estonia exhibition was made in Tallinn University –

Then exhibition moved to Active Club.

Video about the process during the YE: –

Photo exhibitions in other countries: