„Build your future – be a leader“ is an international youth exchange in which were involved 7 countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia.

Project number: 2016-2-EE01-KA105-017369

Dates: 22.11.16 – 01.12.16

Participants age: 15-20 y.o.

Group per country: 4 participants + 1 leader

Venue: Tallinn, Estonia (Dzingel Hotel)

Application organisation: Youth Club Active

Partner Organisations:

  • Ideja Laboratorij udruga za poticanje kreativnog i inovativnog poduzetnistva mladih (Croatia)
  • Lietuvos vaiku ir jaumino centras (Lithuania)
  • Mladinski center Zagorje ob Savi (Slovenia)
  • RE.TE. Ong (Italy), Hyvinkää youth department (Finland)
  • Stowarzyszenie Zamojskie Centrum Wolontariatu (Poland)


Description oft the project:

The idea of the project is to empower youngsters with leadership skills, because we see,that adults, society, which surrounds youngsters often have high impact for them. Their opinion is not always right and not always appropriate for youngsters. We think they should have their own opinion on different issues. Our project will show youngsters in age 15-20, how to express themselves and their opinion in different life situations, how to find their place in the fast developing world. They also will have possibility to present their own definition of the word “leader“ and to compare it with the others. Participants will learn by different methods as: debates, team games, discussions, role games, public speech, group works etc. Thanks to this project young people will have new skills and knowledge about how to be a leader and in future they can share it with others.


Aims oft he project:

– discover the term “leadership”

– to learn how to express the opinion right, how to be heard

– to compare level of initiative between youngsters, coming through different countries

– to increase social activity between youngsters

– to learn how to be not afraid of speaking to the public

– discover different types of leaders in a team and find own place in it



* To increase among youth sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

* To enhance employability and improve career aspects

* To involve youth in local and international projects

* To support tolerant ways of thinking among young people

* To support the cooperation in the field of youth work both within Europe and

outside, as well as in own country, city, region

* To facilitate cooperation between young people from different countries

* To provide different activities for youngster according their interests and needs


Pictures of the project can find here



For dissemination process participants shared their experiences from the project in different ways, for example through organising events in schools, talking to newspapers etc.

Some results you can find here: