Dates: 8.12 – 12.12
Estonia – Youth Center Vihasoo
Germany- THW-Jugend
Czech Republic – DYNAMA

„Influence of the moral values on formation of tolerant thinking” – is multiculturial Youth Exchange in which involved 28 people from Estonia, Germany, Latvia and Czech Republic.

The themes of the project are formation and development of moral values in a multicultural society, formation and development of tolerant thinking, understanding and respect of feelings and opinions of others, influence of the moral values on formation and development of tolerant thinking.

The objectives of the exchange are to define words “my moral values”, to know how define people of different age, nationalities, trades words “moral values”, formation and development of emotional and strong-willed sphere of the person: initiative, tolerance, responsibility, activity, civilisation, peaceful disposition, kindness, understanding, positive thinking. To work with various ways of the report of the information: a photo, video, article, interview, interrogation, instalation, multimedia technologies, during preparation and project realisation to allow an occasion to a maximum people which we will meet to reflect about moral values, to make a photo- video- MESSAGE and to interest people in its viewing. The organization and carrying out of exhibition Positive Thinking, formation of knowledge and ability for a life in a multicultural society (acquaintance with national cultures, national traditions).

This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community program Youth in Action.

Here you can see photos from project