Project Title – Human Rights Education in Schools

Project Number – 2019-2-EE01-ESC31-051820

Applicant organization: NGO Youth Club Active

Project was realized in frames of European Solidarity Corps program. 

Project duration: From 10.11.2019 till the December 2020 (Because of COVID 19 this project become longer and the initial plan was changed. The last project event will happen on 25th of April 2021. 

By implementing this project, we were aiming at facilitating a dialogue about human rights, minority groups, stereotype-based discrimination, fostering open-mindedness and critical mind in the youth, with help of a variety of methods such as Human Library, forum theatre, panel discussions and workshops, in a deep work with youngsters from 4 schools in Tallinn.
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 The objectives of this solidarity project include:

 – to increase awareness in the youth about prejudices encountered by minority and/or vulnerable groups in Tallinn and Estonia, to critically access these prejudices and their origins, and to stimulate open-mindedness and healthy curiosity in the youngsters.

 – to facilitate social dialogue between 16-19-year-old youngsters and minority groups or those stereotyped against, to encourage mutual understanding and diversity.

 – to give tools to the youngsters to be able to notice problematic situations and discrimination-based confrontations in real life and to empower them to deal with such situations confidently and safely.

 – to introduce Tallinn youth of four schools to methods of social activism in area of human rights.

 – to enhance skills of public speaking for participants in role of Human Books with particular target audience in mind, via training sessions and preparatory conversation rounds.

 – to empower the participants (both initiative group and Human Books) through deep work using team-building activities and reflection sessions.

 – to experience non-formal learning and peer-to-peer education through methods of forum-theatre, panel discussion, human library and info-workshops.

 – to facilitate development of skills and competences in frames of non-formal learning and use of YouthPass as a tool for self-reflection.

 – to establish a solid and mutually beneficial cooperation with schools of Tallinn.

In frames of the project we have managed trainings for schools on the topic Human rights. Forum-theatre performance and very soon, on the 25th of April will be organised ONLINE Human Library via ZOOM.

All trainings for the Human Rights topic were taken from the MONDO web site. (There is possible to find all materials and trainings)

Video about Human Rights