On 30 November 2018 our activist Andrei Bandurevski visited Telia, one of the biggest mobile operators in Estonia, and gave an interview discussing the topic of over-usage of devices by young people. The methods that our organisation uses for preventing youngsters from using devices during activities are very simple – just enthusiasm and interest. Our observation and our opinion about the so called “problem” was well pointed out in the interview and we are convinced that it’s overrated by adults who actually don’t know so much about modern gadgets. An interesting fact – from the survey that was carried out in Northern countries Estonian youngsters said that they spend “more than normal” time on the Net or using device. Again we think that the reason for such response is that grown-ups often tell their children to stop playing with their phone. However as we see that in our organisation the actual problem is lack of interesting stuff in the real life for them! And this lack comes from adults who do nothing to entertain their children and give them no alternatives to their smart devices.

Also the topic of risks and dangers on the Net was brought up and Telia specialists conducted a survey asking youngsters to give advice to others about preventing any problems online. Some notable examples are – not to press any unknown or strange links, always verify who you talk to, don’t share your personal information etc.

To sum up, our organisation supports devices and encourages adults and youngsters to turn on your creativity and make some fun stuff combining reality and virtual worlds to just enjoy your life, but remember to do that safely!!!


Watch the whole interview, it’s in Russian though…