Already second year in cooperation with the organization Erilinemaailm (Different world) we made the dancing flash-mob with the title “Look, we are near!” in the shopping center.
On the 26th of November 2017 volunteers from Active club and kids with special needs from the organisatin Erilinemaail were dancing in Tallinn, Estonia. This time we were dancing in Ülemiste shopping center. This flash-mob was made in frames of Ühisnädal (Joint week). More about Ühisnädal here –
With this flash-mob we also wanted to help to collect donations for dogs, who helping people and kids with special needs. Their FB page :
This year we involved more volunteers, kids, and their parents and also just random people, who came just to watch our flash-mob. We want to say THANK YOU to all the people who were a part of this event and also to those who came to support us.
Also we want to say thank you to Delfi, ETV+, ETV, HEAK, Ühisnädal and Postimees for sharing this information.

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