On 9th of July was taking place third Human Library. Library was made in frames of period in summer camp Vihasoo. Periad had topic „Media“ and Human Library also had «books» about Media. At this time, we had 10 books and all of them were Russian-speakers. In library were participating people start from 11 y.o. We had around 150 readers – workers, kids and their parents
We had 2 sessions by 30 minutes. Books were telling their story about their way to Media (TV,radio, newspapers or cinema)
«I was only once on Human Library before, but only like a reader. And when Vihasoo camp asked to me a book, I was happy but confuse. «Why me and what I can share with others ?» this questions didn’t get out from my mind. I had a deep reflection the night before „Human Library“. I started to think what I did as the media-worker on Estonian National Television. Interesting , than in this first step for action, I returned on a few years ago and I understood a lot of things in my personal development at this moment. When time come to share my story with camp-children and their parents eye to eye, I understood even more. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that photographer and video-maker is not a job. Parents want to choose future profession for the child but nobody ask children what they want. In the end of events I asked the readers „Have you any questions?“ and one girl sad „Yes! Can I hug you?“. This moment was unforgettable!
It was great honor for me to be on this event as a book on same level with famous Estonian journalist. I am grateful for this opportunity, thanks a lot!» – shared her emotions one «book».
« Wasn’t thinking, that my sister had so complicated way to her position in media now» – sad one girl, who was on this event
«I have never heart about Human Library before! It is so interesting to hear people life-stories» – sad one of readers