Yes, it has happened for the second time! On June 3rd the second Human Library, organised with support of Youth Club Active, took place. Different as it was from the one that happened in February, it has nevertheless been a great event. It was considerably easier to prepare, given that many of our previous Books have kindly agreed to participate again, and we were very lucky with weather so we could hold the event outdoors.

Similarly to the previous event, we ended up having 27 Books (with one story being represented by a couple). However, this time the working language of the event was Russian, targeting the youth members of Club Active, who are mainly Russian-speaking. We still had 10 Books who did not speak Russian, but our audience turned out to be multilingual, so everything was good and running smooth.

Three 30-minute conversation sessions – we took into account the feedback from both Books and Readers after the previous event. We have also made the Book catalogue available online prior to the event, so people could have a look and possibly get curious about the concept, as well as have an idea which Books they might want to read.

Though, due to a sunny day in June there were a plenty of other events happening in town, so our audience was quite less than in February. However, from what I’ve heard from the Books so far, they thought such atmosphere with less Readers was more intimate and cosy.

All in all, the power and amazing influence of this concept was confirmed yet once again, and we are happy to keep working on next events. I want to express endless gratitude to my two companions, without whom it would have been impossible to carry it all through. And, of course, many thanks to Youth Club Active for technical support, refreshments and the space.

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