Now it is like tradition, because already third year in cooperation with our very good friends and partners Eriline Maailm (Different word) we have organised the dancing flash-mob with the title “Look, we are near!” in the Rocca al Mare shopping center. It was made in frames of Ühisnädal (Joint week). More about Ühisnädal here –

On the 2 of December 2018 volunteers from Active club and kids with special needs were dancing together a very basic but so important dance. We wanted to show that we can normally communicate and make friends with people with special needs. They are ordinary people like we and we can do everything together.

For that were also involved volunteers, kids, NGO Shokking group, Kopli Youth centre, Pae school, Tallinna SPort and Youth Department, Kindergarten Mustakivi. This year the Flash Mob were dedicated to the 100th anniversary of our country.

We want to say THANK YOU to all the people who were a part of this event and also to those who came to support us.