Human Library Estonia, run by initiative group from Youth Club Active, has returned with yet another event in February 2nd. This time we organized it in our main location in Tallinn, Lasnamäe district. The event was happening in three languages: Estonian, English and Russian, with several Books telling their stories in different languages from session to session. This time our Books were on the topics of: gender identity, veganism, minimalism, grief, sex work, life of a refugee, black, Leningrad blockade surviving, life of an Estonian Muslim. During the event we had three 30-minute conversation rounds, with short breaks in between. The event was attended by 40 people of different ages and backgrounds and collected mostly positive feedback from both Books and Readers. As always, we are looking into improving our events, so they reach more people and make more impact. Stay in touch and don’t miss our next Human Library – more information coming soon!