Youth Club Active volunteers had an opportunity to take a part in organising a huge Ice Hockey World Championship event which took place in Tondiraba Jäähall. On the event participated Australia, Lithuania, Korea, Poland, Great Britain and Estonia.


In all these days team from each country had an assistant-volunteer, who were like a golden mean between the organizers and the team. They helped to adapt and showed the city, helped to solve problems and contacted with the organizers. Sometimes they helped with technical stuff. Also all together we organise championship opening and closing ceremony.Our role were to navigate people and to help in preparation of people for going out on the ice. On the opening ceremony we were with children in wheelchairs and escorted them to the ice, where together with them the teams went to the ice.


It was very good experience for the volunteer and through that event they had a lot of things to learn and to practise. For example:

-Language practise, because communication with teams were in English, but in Estonian with the organizers.

-Time management, because they distributed time and tasks, because there were a lot of things to do.

-Cultural awareness, because they spoke with different nationalities and learnt about representative countries.

-Ability to negotiate and to solve problems.

Photo here