06.03.2019-06.03.2020 – European Solidarity Corps project “F3: Foundation For Future”.

“F3: Foundation For Future”is a project in the programme European Solidarity Corps in which involved 1 volunteer from Germany - Sophia Kraus.


Title: “F3: Foundation For Future”
Preliminary date: 06/03/2019 – 06/03/2020 (12 month)
Project Number: 2018-1-EE01-ESC11-051164;
Project Venues: Tallinn (NGO Youth Club Active), Tammispea Village (NGO Youth Centre Vihasoo), Estonia

This project involves one volunteer from Germany to come to Estonian NGO Youth Club Active for a 12-month activity from 06/03/2019 to 06/03/2020.The long-term goal of this project is providing the volunteer an opportunity to learn and develop through working with children and youngsters in the youth organization, having a direct contact with local ethnic minority community and a possibility to impact them directly. Youth Club Active gives a volunteer plenty of opportunities in participating and taking initiative in carrying out activities and, through implementing her ideas in work with children and youth, to develop herself and skills for future life.

The objectives of this projects include:

  • introducing the volunteer to the concept of non-formal learning through Solidarity Corps priorities;
  • creating an appropriate timetable for her in accordance with her needs, expectations and skills;
  • facilitating the process of self-assessment for both the volunteer and the youth;
  • providing the participant with opportunities to develop a workshop routine to realize her admissions and aspirations, on a voluntary basis;
  • promoting intercultural communication and diversity through involving the volunteer into life of a foreign country and its minority community;
  • promoting tolerance, interculturality and equality;
  • facilitating development of creative and communication skills, fostering intercultural learning, supporting mutual understanding between the volunteer and the youth of Estonia.

We intend this project to bring positive and stimulating influence on the volunteer herself, as well as on the youth she will be in contact with. We believe this project will facilitate personal growth of the volunteer, making her more independent and self-confident, ready to take initiative and bring her ideas to life. She will lead by her example and encourage local youth to become caring and active citizens of Europe. 

This individual volunteering project involves one participant from Germany, Sophia Kraus, aged 21. She is an active member in her home organization (SO), participating in Erasmus+ activities both on local and international levels. We have previously met her in person during several projects. We aim to provide the volunteer opportunities to realize her own ideas and aspirations in action through working with the youth. Her main activities in our organization will include:

  • Working with the youngsters and children in our NGO as well as our local partners (other NGOs and schools);
  • Working in urban and suburban camps during school holidays;
  • Teaching German language and leading events on introducing German culture to the local youth and anyone interested;
  • Organizing and taking part in various projects, workshops, events, entertainment activities together with youngsters;
  • Leading workshops on different topics, all developed by herself with help of NGO staff.
  • Take initiative and realize own ideas in action (write own local project, organize event for children or other entertainment).