“Be the Change!” – Kira Dümpelman about her EVS in Estonia

“Be the change” – on first hand that sounds like one of this Facebook phrases in combination with a significant Google picture. Just a picture with nothing behind. But actually, that’s the title of my European Voluntary Service (EVS) and during the past 12 months, it was on me to give life into this phrase. Did I succeed? I would say yes. Why and how you’re asking? Let me explain. 12 months ago, in December 2016, I arrived to the cold and dark Estonia. At least I knew where that country is located although I had to explain a hundred times to family and friends that I’m staying in Estonia and not in Latvia (sometimes people still asking me where I am), but except of that I didn’t know much about the country or the work which was awaiting me. Of course, I exchanged dozens of mails and Facebook messages with my future Tutors and even visited the country before, but still it was a blank page for me.

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