24.08.19 Human Library in Vihasoo camp

On the 24th of August in summer camp Vihasoo was taking place one of the Humen Libraries. It was in frames of on of the period "Young and Wild". This time we had 7 books:

  1. Krishna book
  2. Anarhist
  3. Femenist
  4. Model, who loves her bodey
  5. Insisting idea of suicide
  6. Eating disorder
  7. Gender: TENDER

In role of readers we had youngsters from the camp (12 - 16 y.o), their parents, workers and guests of the camp. All in all we had around 150 readers!

Everyone had a chance to choose 2 books and listen each of book during 35 minutes.

Experiance of Human Library was very valuable and unforgetable for each of reader. Youngsters didn't stop disckuss books during neht few days, also some of them visited our next Human Library in Tallinn!