1.08.2019-31.10.2020 – Long-term ESC project in Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia

Artur-Edmond Odar and Nikita Liivamäe were sent by the Youth Club Active organisation to the European Solidarity Corps project in Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia.

Project number: 019-1-EE01-ESC52-051569
Title: “Dobrovoľníctvo KNM / Volunteers in KNM”
Project Start Date: 01.08.2019 (volunteering 28.10. – 01.11.2019)
Project Total Duration: 365 days/1 year
Project End Date: 31.10.2020
Hosting organization: SYTEV – Slovak Youth for Traveling, Education and Volunteering
Address: Lipova 810/30, 024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia

Members of the Youth Club Active organization:

Name: Artur-Edmond Odar
Date of birth: 10.10.1997
E-mail: artte102@gmail.com

Name: Nikita Liivamäe
Date of birth: 29.04.1995
E-mail: nikita.liivamae@gmail.com