Youth Club Active organization is working on 5 main fields in local and international levels:

1. That to participate in each project, event and other entertainment from our organization you have to become a member of Youth Club Active. If you would like to become a member of Youth Club Active, you have to fill in the application form and pay according to invoice member fee (25 EUR.) Invoice you will receive with all additional instructions by e-mail after registration. Each member also receives the Youth Club Active T-shirt as an organization uniform. Follow the easy description on our web page.

2. As a member of NGO Youth Club Active you will be added to close group of our organization on Facebook, will receive e-mails with different information and will be allowed to participate in all activities, which we offer from our centre. We will be very glad when you will start present Youth Club Active organization! We will also upload your picture to our official web site as a member of our NGO.

PS! The youngsters, who are actively belonging to NGO Youth Center Vihasoo, (working in this organization at that moment) are automatically members of Youth Club Active. They should not pay the member fee 25 Euro just 13 eur for T-shirt as uniform of our organization.

3. If you found interesting project, event, volunteering work in our calendar on the Facebook page, or on the web page or receive the information through e-mail – try to apply for it! How to apply to the project, event or volunteering work? In this case write about your wish to our work e-mail (Title of the project, event, activity, dates, country e.t.c). As soon as possible we will contact with you and let you know other instruction by e-mail or Facebook.

NB! We kindly ask all of our future members very carefully fill in our application form. All of the information will be used in action for your interest, for example for making invoices or buying tickets for projects. This information will be added to our members database and use just with your interest. We will not post your contact information on the public areas but we need to be sure with your information in the application form (it should be exist).

PS! We are providing help and support to our members in each stage of all activities. We are ready 24h per day answer for additional questions, explain not clear information and help to our members in different situations. You can contact with us here –

Each of our working fields has own rules, which you can read through on the web site
For example, if you are interested in projects you will find rules of the projects participation on the project web page of Youth Club Active organization!
Before participating in different actions, read through all aspects and instructions of each field of work in NGO Youth Club Active.