2 weeks ago

Today is celebrating his B-DAY Active EVS volunteer from Romania - Chris Bacon
We are really happy, that we have met Chris and he become a part of ACTIVE family.
We wish to Chris to discover new horizons, more interesting trips around the WORLD and good luck in all actions!

2 weeks ago

Дорогие волонтёры!
Огромное спасибо вас за организацию сегодняшнего Дня семьи для учеников и их семей Lasnamäe Huvikool Спасибо Александр Чебыкин (Alexander Chebykin) за фоторепортаж. Andrei Bandurevski за организацию эстафет и игр с детьми и ... See more

2 weeks ago

Our Active members Darja Korjukina Ilja Korjukin Jekaterina Agarkova Darja Katariina Jarušina Diana Rapoport went to YE "TRASHOHILICS" in Spain, Galicia #youthclubactive #erasmusplus

2 weeks ago
Photos from Youth Club Active's post

Dissemination of the project "Natural Elements". Project was taking place in Rustavi, Georgia from 11th of April till 20th of April. Our Active leaders Ksenija Melnikova Anton Semenyura were sharing their knowledges with other Active members. #erasmusplus #youthclubactive #dissemination #droni #iwe

2 weeks ago
Erasmus+ training "Games Laboratory for Youth Workers"

Video from the International Training Course "Games Laboratory for Youth Workers" in Krakow, Poland. Video made by Artemi Sint
#erasmusplus #youthmobility #youthclubactive #InstytutWschodnichInicjatyw

3 weeks ago
YE "Live it, Share it!"

02.05 - 10.05.2018 , Cyprus

3 weeks ago

NEW PROMO VIDEO OF YOUTH CLUB ACTIVE, thanks for amazing work to video WORKSHOP leader Anton Semenyura and Active EVS volunteer Chris Bacon
Those, who took part on the ideas creation also big thans, all you made a great job and NOW we are able to present ACTIVE Club from the new, modern side!!!

3 weeks ago

OUR theatre studio "Flying cow" is implementing now international project in frames of Erasmus+ programme with Austrian and Lithuanian partners. Join our project Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/initiationproject/

This is the public page of the long-term project KA2, in frames of the programme Erasmus+, in which involved 3 EU countries: Lithuania, Austria and Estonia

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