Background and Experience

NGO Youth Club Active is a mobile youth organisation, which was created with help of the Youth Center Vihasoo, which is working since 1994 in the field of youth in Tallinn, Estonia. (

We involve youth from the age of 11th years old and provide variety of activities for self-development.

The role of our organization is to promote the non-formal education, to involve youngsters in different social activities on local and international levels.

So, what are we doing here? We specialise in coordinating:


The main activities or topics are making the effective involvement in: youth cultures (theatre, music, dance, and art), organizing workshops and entertainments for youngsters (Flash mob, forum-theatre, juggling or different types of games), media and communication – intercultural learning through international projects, especially with the support of the Erasmus+ programme (Youth Initiatives, Youth Exchanges, Training courses, EVS projects). Often our activities are in cooperation with municipalities or cultural, social, volunteer organisations.
We are used to work with local and international funds support, that to realise different events, entertainments, youth forums, seminars and trainings.
NGO Youth Club Active is accredited, which allows us to organise EVS projects in frames of the Erasmus+ programme (Youth in Action programme)

The main goals of organization are:
* To support youth initiative (help in the process from idea to realization)
* To increase among youth self-empowerment and self-esteem
* To involve young people to be an active part of Erasmus+ programme (Youth in
Action programme) and other local and international funds for youngsters and youth workers.

To support youth formation in active citizenship.

* To increase among youth sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
* To enhance employability and improve career aspects
* To involve youth in local and international projects
* To support tolerant ways of thinking among young people
* To support the cooperation in the field of youth work both within Europe and outside, as well as in own country, city, region
* To facilitate cooperation between young people from different countries
* To provide different activities for youngster according their interests and needs